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ReTargeter Site Retargeting

ReTargeter Site Retargeting is a retargeting software solution that helps companies win conversions by leveraging its access to over 98% of all online advertising networks. After a visitor leaves a company site and fails to make a conversion, the program displays a retargeting ad to the visitor during regular online browsing.

ReTargeter CRM Retargeting

ReTargeter CRM is a retargeting software solution that can display retargeting ads to people companies have had interactions with. At the start, users can upload a list of lead emails that comes from data forms and/or a CRM database. The program can then cross-reference these emails against an extensive online database that shows each email owner’s personal interests and behaviors.

– ReTargeter for Facebook

ReTargeter for Facebook is a retargeting software solution that works across the Facebook ad network. As visitors head to a company website and fail to make conversions, the program takes note of their presence and develops retargeting ads for their Facebook news feeds and sidebars.

ReTargeter Audience Targeting

ReTargeter Audience Targeting is a paid search marketing software solution that brings actionable intelligence to online ad campaigns. The program has access to a number of data silos that contain profiles for millions of online users. Users can then set up parameters for the audiences they are trying to reach and target their ad campaigns to these segments.

ReTargeter Search Retargeting

ReTargeter Search Retargeting is a retargeting software solution that sends retargeting ads to people who submit certain search engine keywords. At the start, users need to define the keywords they want the program to scout for. Once the system registers a keyword hit, it enters the person into a database and sends out online retargeting display ads to that person.