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– Revitas Analytics

Revitas Analytics is a business intelligence software solution that is designed to provide analysis and data insights for a business. The platform transforms channel and contract data into insights while including standardized reporting with full access on demand or scheduled. The software allows users to gain deeper insight into data and information provided in reports with ad-hoc reporting.

– Revitas Royalty Management

Revitas Royalty Management is a contract management software solution. The software provides full visibility, control, and leverage over intellectual property, licensing and royalty agreements. Complex intellectual poperty licensing and royalty management processes are streamlined by coordinating activities around contracting, project creation, milestone management and royalty payment validation and adjudication.

– Revitas Contract Manager

Revitas Contract Manager is a contract management software solution that helps organizations create and manage their B2B contracts more profitably and more effectively. The platform allows users to transform contracting from a process-driven task into a strategic, value-add component of business success.

– Revitas Governance Compliance

Revitas Governance Compliance is a governance compliance software solution. The software aims to reduce government compliance risks and minimize audit vulnerability by automating complex processes and creating detailed audit trails and reports.

– Revitas Revenue Management

Revitas revenue management is a financial management software solution that automates and streamlines the most complex pricing strategies and incentive processes for improved outcomes. The suite of solutions enables companies to optimize strategic pricing management at each point of the distribution chain, develop creative incentive programs, identify revenue opportunities and reduce gross-to-net profit margin erosion.

Behind the Software Q&A with Revitas President Al Smith

Revitas optimizes complex manufacturing channels and improve distribution techniques with top manufacturing and distribution software solutions. We sat down with President and COO Al Smith to learn how Revitas is reinventing itself for the 21st century.


Revitas is the leading provider of enterprise-class solutions for channel and contract management, on premise and in the cloud. Revitas […]