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5 Key Reasons Why Financial Management is Important for Your Nonprofit

In this article, we’ll give you some examples of what kind of reporting you need, and some suggestions on ways to ramp up your financial management.

Gantt vs. Grant: A Grant Manager’s Guide to Selecting the Right Grant Management Software

Before you can determine which software best meets your needs as
a grant manager, it is important to understand the critical differences
between grant management and project management.

Eliminating Audit Anxiety with Serenic Software

We asked David Capitano, CPA and Regional Managing Partner with ParenteBeard LLC for advice on making nonprofit audits as smooth as possible.

MHCD Implements Nonprofit Accounting Software

Overcoming Nonprofit Accounting Challenges with Serenic

Accounting Software for Nonprofit Research Organizations

Serenic PayrollVision

Serenic PayrollVision is human resources software built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and designed to fully integrate with Serenic Navigator. The platform processes payroll for larger numbers of employees using Serenic Navigator’s databases, includes all the fundamental HR tools and capabilities, and enables users to direct and manage employee-related activities.

Serenic Software Navigator

Serenic Navigator is accounting software designed to support nonprofits, NGOs and public sector organizations by enabling users to appropriately and efficiently focus available resources. The platform is equipped with quality reporting, grant management, and budgeting tools, as well as delivers actionable insights and operational visibility.