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– SignUp4 Event Management

SignUp4 Event Management is an event management software solution that provides a complete hub for all event-related operations. At the start, users can create an event page through a complete WYSIWYG editor, set pricing tiers for tickets and embed visual media into the page.

– SignUp4 Spend Management

SignUp4 Spend Management is a spend management software solution that helps companies plan budgets intelligently. As users start to enter events and meetings into the program, it tracks all costs, employee satisfaction rates and procurement sources. From there, the system can use workflows to handle event approvals from management, enforce budget restrictions and search through nearby locations for hosting spaces.

– SignUp4 Travel Management

SignUp4 Travel Management is a travel and expense management software solution that makes it easy to maintain all travel information. After a user books a travel expense, the program tracks its status in real-time. From there, users can adjust travel logistics, pull up information at any given time and receive status updates. For management staff, they can inspect travel trends across an entire company, see where each worker is currently located, pull up any past travel transaction and generate a variety of travel reports.