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Silverbakk is social monitoring software that monitors and measures online brand conversations, ranks content based on relevancy, and delivers daily, weekly or monthly update reports. The platform is equipped with fine grained controls including keyword matching through boolean search definitions, allows users to set up event-triggered alerts and notifications, and provides users with multi-tier user access controls to facilitate multiple workspaces.

– Silverbakk Data

Silverbakk Data works across the Internet to deliver you posts and articles that are relevant to your company. You start using the program by setting a number of keywords. Whenever the keyword pops up on a webpage, the system automatically reads it and sends you a link.

– Silverbakk Measure

Silverbakk Measure is a social media management software solution you can use to handle all your accounts. Upon logging into the program, you can view data on social media mentions, moderate content, and track performance against KPI.