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SmarteSoft SmarteLoad

SmarteLoad is a quality assurance tool that provides users with an easy way to test the user’s system’s ability to handle and adapt to stress in any scenario. The software provides the tools necessary for simulating usage patterns and ramping load up while identifying bottlenecks and improving system performance.

SmarteSoft SmarteStudio

SmarteStudio provides unlimited flexibility to customize automated testing processes to fit the user’s company’s specific test needs. The platform leverages the power of open and extensible architecture, making all capabilities accessible to the user’s entire team.

SmarteSoft SmarteTime

SmarteTime provides easy-to-learn, precise scheduling of the test scripts the user’s company creates in SmarteScript. The platform lets the user’s company auto-generate data-driven scripts while reducing labor requirements and still receive detailed test results.

SmarteSoft SmarteX

SmarteX delivers the tools needed for executing functional and regression testing, while extending test lab capabilities. The platform is fully integrated with the SmarteQM software test life cycle management tool to provide a high-level view of software reliability while capturing details on test failure and breakpoints.

SmarteSoft SmarteScript

SmarteScript is an easy-to-learn test automation solution that can improve the user’s application development processes. This QA testing solution automatically creates documentation while learning windows and objects used in applications for each business process.

SmarteSoft SmarteQM

SmarteQM is a software lifecycle management tool that lets users manage project requirements, test cycles, releases and tasks from one central platform. The software works in real-time to provide companies with the latest reports and results, allowing users to manage projects and tests accordingly.