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Sunzi Cloud Marketing Automation

Sunzi Cloud Marketing Automation is a workflow system that can be tweaked to automate marketing processes and deliver strategic messages to both current and prospective clients. The platform allows users to work across mobile, e-mail and webpage channels to provide analytics and campaign management tools.

Sunzi Cloud WordPress Website Development

Sunzi Cloud WordPress Website Development is a CMS solution that works with the current WordPress setup for a business to provide additional functionality in a number of areas. The platform allows users to install forms on their site for lead capturing, optimize their search engine and reduce page loading times.

Sunzi Cloud Business Intelligence

Sunzi Cloud Business Intelligence works across a variety of areas across the user’s organization in order to bring businesses reports and analytics for performance. For instance, the program can show the marketing ROI, conversion rates, and sales rep success numbers.

Sunzi Cloud Sunzi CRM

Sunzi CRM is an open source CRM software solution that prides itself on providing users with a powerful workflow engine. The platform enables users to set up automated drip marketing campaigns, assignment reminders, alerts for certain actions, and call scheduling for follow-ups.