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Feedback Loop: Annabelle Candy Co and SYSPRO Customer Story

Susan Karl and Shelley Craft of Annabelle Candy Co highlight their company’s successes since using SYSPRO ERP Software.

Hitachi Koki USA Customer Testimonial

Systems Engineer/Project Manager at Hitachi Koki USA (a global leader in power tool technology), discusses how SYSPRO ERP Software enabled […]

SYSPRO Customer Testimonial: Toyota Racing Development (TRD)

Bob Dowe and Jay Gordon of Toyota Racing Development discuss the success TRD has experienced with SYSPRO ERP Software.

SYSPRO Customer Feedback: Dunlop Manufacturing

Jasmin Powell of Dunlop Manufacturing discusses the company’s successes with SYSPRO ERP Software.

SYSPRO Customer Feedback Compilation

9 SYSPRO customers share their successes using SYSPRO ERP Software. Industries featured include Food Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Medical Device Manufacturing, […]

SYSPRO Product Overview

SYSPRO ERP solutions deliver the right toolkit to manage any business. SYSPRO is modular, providing scalability and the flexibility to […]


SYSPRO ERP is an integrated and comprehensive ERP solution that comes with a broad range of modules to give businesses control over all their business processes. Built on scalable and secure architecture, SYSPRO ERP includes powerful business process and management tools, along with enhanced customization capabilities and a simple, intuitive user interface.

The When, Why and How of ERP Support for Lean

In this paper we respectfully present our conclusion, namely that some LEAN initiatives can be hugely strengthened with a synergistic ERP implementation and vice versa, whereas in other cases the two efforts should really be viewed as separate initiatives and managed independently from each other. This is, however, not an open ended “it depends on what you want” answer; we conclude that specific LEAN initiatives will eventually fail without considerable attention to specific ERP aspects but that other specific LEAN initiatives and specific ERP functionality have little in common.