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Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a BI software solution designed for companies that want to host graphs and analytics on the web. At the start, users need to connect data sets to the program and create data visualizations. These visualizations can then be embedded inside webpages and match the pages’ surrounding colors.

Tableau Online

Tableau Online is a cloud-based business intelligence platform designed to deliver data insights while being flexible. The software is able to publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them with other users. The application allows user to view and edit dashboards from anywhere while being secure by only authorized users can interact with a business’s data and dashboards.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is a business intelligence platform designed to find answers to the questions a business is asking. The software is built with drag-and-drop tools and is also adaptable to connect with data from any source.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server is business performance management software that provides users with interactive system insights without the limits that come with pre-defined questions, wizards or established chart types. The platform connects to any data source, allows users to publish and share data sources in order to enable team-wide access, and works with multiple third-party enterprise data sources including Cloudera Hadoop, Oracle, and AWS Redshift.