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The Access Group Access Supply Chain Solutions

Access Supply Chain Solutions are supply chain software that provides users with financial management tools designed to help manage the supply chain by cutting costs and boosting efficiency. The platform allows users to generate price estimates, monitor all profit and create orders.

Access Insight

Access Insight is a business intelligence platform designed to allow companies to view their data in a clear and concise manner to better understand their business. The software has a user-friendly interface that permits any business user to easily create reports and can connection to more than 200 data sources.

The Access Group Access HR

Access HR is a complete people management software solution that works the minute a new employee joins the user’s company. The program works throughout the entire employee lifecycle, letting users manage recruitment, view trends in levels of absence, monitor performance, and control employee learning.

The Access Group Access Financials

Access Financials is accounting software designed to streamline all accounting processes and supports things like asset management and inter-company accounting. The platform allows users to have full control over the procurement life cycle, manage prices and identify all possible profit avenues.

The Access Group Access Delta WMS

Access Delta WMS is a software solution designed for 3PL, manufacturers, and distributors and aims to optimize all of the user’s warehouse space. The program starts with a visual drag-and-drop map from where users can allocate space, create zones, and place stock.

The Access Group Access CRM

Access CRM is CRM software designed to work with the user’s customers, leads, and opportunities throughout their entire lifecycles. The program helps users retain their client base by facilitating quick communications, identifies the most profitable prospects, and stores all customer interaction history.