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Visma Severa

Visma Severa is professional services automation (PSA) software that offers a variety of functionalities including CRM and sales management, project and task management, resource management, time tracking, travel and expense management, automated invoicing tools and real-time reporting capabilities. The platform is equipped to generate reports on the user’s sales pipeline and sales forecasts, current projects and profitability, resource utilization, and invoice forecasts, automates the invoicing processes for fixed fees, hours and expenses, and enables users to manage all project pricing.

Visma Mamut Payroll

Mamut Payroll is payroll software designed to enable users to manage payroll processes in-house, and is designed to manage payroll for 1 to 100 employees. The platform is equipped to calculate a variety of pensions within the body of employees, stores and manages comprehensive employee information, and supports unlimited customizable addition and deduction types.

Visma Mamut Point of Sale

Mamut Point of Sale is an advanced point of sale application software that integrates with Mamut business management software and provides for a direct link between the front of house and the back office. The platform allows users to park a sale, register returned goods, give discounts and change the unit prices of products.

Visma Mamut One

Mamut One is an ERP software that covers all elements in the value chain of a business. The platform allows users to access to the same information, both offline and online.