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– Xangati VDI Suite

Xangati VDI Suite is an IT infrastructure monitoring software solution that tracks all key infrastructure components inside virtual environments. The platform allows users to work in real-time to constantly address issues in virtual environments, and the system has dashboards that can monitor all user actions, display how resources are being used and check on each end user.

– Xangati VI Suite

Xangati VI Suite is an IT infrastructure monitoring software solution that works inside virtual environments to establish balanced workloads for processes. The platform allows users to work across multiple virtual silos to maintain all resources and bandwidth, and in the event that two or more environments are causing resource management issues, users can identify points of conflict and find ways to eliminate bottlenecks.

– Xangati Network Suite

Xangati Network Suite is a network management software solution that provides end-to-end visibility across virtual networks. The program tracks each network interaction and displays network interfaces in real-time. Meanwhile, users can compare network performance against KPIs. To combat any network service issues, the system can send out proactive alerts in response to negative performance trends. Users can additionally select the pieces of information they wish to see on their customizable dashboards, and the product can identify and troubleshoot any network problems.