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Zycus Procure-to-Pay

Procure-to-Pay is an eProcurement software solution. To create a strategic impact it is imperative for procurement to have far reaching insights into business requirement, purchases and payments.

Zycus iSave

iSave is a financial management software solution that tracks cost savings at different stages in the project and involves finance early on in this process to validate the savings as and when they are registered. The platform allows users to keep track of forecasted versus. negotiated versus realized savings.

Zycus Supplier Management

Supplier Management is a supply chain collaboration software solution. Businesses that have good relationships with suppliers are bound to have a competitive edge over their competitors.

Zycus iContract

iContract is a software solution for the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners or employees. Contracts provide the framework within which businesses function.

Zycus Strategic Sourcing Suite

Strategic Sourcing Suite is Zycus’ eSourcing software. Suppliers are businesses’ partners in growth. Hence, it’s very important to find the correct supplier to source the products/services from.

Zycus Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis is a spend management software solution. The platform is designed to help businesses ‘know’ how to spend better by enabling a detailed, accurate and timely visibility into organization-wide spend.

Zycus Source-to-Pay Suite

Zycus Source-to-Pay Suite is as eprocurement software suite designed to integrate with other systems, ERPs and databases, supports user adoption through ease-of-use structures, and is backed by Guided Procurement System that assists users in selecting the right categories, web-forms and suppliers. Additionally, the platform automates sourcing processes, provides users with end-to-end catalog lifecycle management tools, and is powered by an artificial intelligence.