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Zephyr for JIRA: Planning Test Cycles


In this short video, you'll see how to plan for test cycles in Zephyr for JIRA, the new add on to the JIRA 5.0 platform that allows you to manage your testing inside JIRA.

Zephyr for JIRA: Tracking Metrics


Watch how to track your testing metrics in Zephyr for JIRA, the new add-on to the JIRA 5.0 platform that allows you to manage your testing inside JIRA

Running Selenium Script with Zephyr's ZBots


A brief video to introduce viewers how to kick of Selenium scripts from within Zephyr Enterprise and have results returned and stored in Zephyr's Test Management solution

Introduction to Zephyr for JIRA


See how you can add testing to the overall planning, development, bug tracking and reporting process right inside the JIRA 5

Zephyr: Getting Started


Whether you have just installed Zephyr Community Edition, purchased or simply evaluating the Enterprise Edition, this webinar provides an overview of how to get things started ... adding resources, assigning projects, setting up, importing, scheduling, assigning and executing testcases, logging defects and viewing Zephyr's comprehensive real-time metrics.

Zephyr Enterprise Edition in Action: See how the system works for the entire project team


This video demonstrates how push based real-time collaboration happens with Zephyr Enterprise Edition.

Using Asana for Applicant Tracking


Asana's versatility allows us to use it for a wide variety of work, from simple lists to complex projects. One of our favorite uses for Asana internally is for tracking our applicant pipeline.

FlowCentric in 49 Seconds

FlowCentric Technologies

Rent IT - The Perfect Video Rental System in 49 Seconds, as viewed in the Classic Navigator.

Adobe LiveCycle ES Introduction to Developers Part 2 of 2


See how developers can use Adobe LiveCycle to create applications.

Adobe LiveCycle ES Introduction to Developers Part 1 of 2


Watch this brief video to find out how Adobe LiveCycle can help streamline your application development processes.

ColdFusion Basic


Learning the basics of using Adobe ColdFusion.

Learn Scrum in 7 Minutes


Learn the basics of the scrum development framework.

Streamline the Testing Process with DevTest and DevTrack


DevSuite helped THQ QA model increase productivity and streamline testing processes across the board.

Quality Management for Agile Projects


See how TechExcel DevSuite can integrate quality management and agile development. Overview for Developers

This ten minute demo shows developers how applications are built on

How to Build Your First App

Build a simple application on in less than three minutes. What Is

Learn what benefits can deliver in the cloud environment.