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JobNimbus CRM and Project Management Software


JobNimbus is CRM and project management software all wrapped in one, easy-to-use application.

CollabSpot Insights: 37Signals Highrise for Gmail - Getting Started


Here's a video to help you get started in using CollabSpot Insights, a Google Chrome extension that lets you manage Highrise contacts, notes, and deals in Gmail. It's an indispensable tool for people using Highrise, Gmail, and Google Chrome.

Shortcuts in Zimplu CRM

Nexus Electronics SRL

The shortcuts in Zimplu CRM will help your work faster and will grow your salesmen efficiency.

How to Create Contacts in Zimplu CRM

Nexus Electronics SRL

Zimplu CRM is a contact manager tool that can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a browser.

How to Create Contact Groups in Zimplu CRM

Nexus Electronics SRL

Contact Groups are only for Account Administrators and they are useful if you want to sort your contacts from your database.

Advanced Searching & Reporting Overview


General overview of the capabilities available in Mothernode CRM for performance searches & reporting.

Getting More from Your CRM: Thoughts from Mothernode Users


Recording of Live Google+ Hangout with Mothernode CRM.

Mothernode CRM Quote Overview


General overview of Mothernode's quoting abilities.

Leads and Opportunities in Mothernode CRM


Discover how to track Leads and Opportunities in Mothernode CRM.

CRM Sharepoint Template - Make SharePoint DO Something.

LookOut Software

As a template, our software comes ready-to-use as a turnkey CRM solution, yet it's also configurable. Make it as easy or complex as your business needs demand. This video is an introduction of the major components and modules in this value-packed, user-friendly CRM system.

Outlook and SharePoint CRM

LookOut Software

SharePoint CRM Template's powerful plugin for Outlook makes managing your email communications with business contacts a breeze. Create new CRM entries from Outlook with the just the click of a button!

Sales Opportunities vs. Sales Leads - CRM for SharePoint

LookOut Software

Something that is sometimes confusing to salespeople when using a CRM database is this question: What is a lead? Here we explain how SharePoint CRM Template can be used to manage both leads AND opportunities.

Pivotal CRM at AAA Western & Central New York


Pivotal CRM at AAA Western & Central New York

Pivotal CRM for iPad


View this introduction to Pivotal CRM for iPad 6.0 and learn how iPads fueled by the power of CRM can help mobile professionals meet customer demands--effectively and efficiently.

Introduction to Affinity

Affinity Informatics

We're taking a quick tour of several features within Affinity and showing off how the basic system and navigation is set up to help you get work done more quickly. In this video we'll look at sections in the CRM, E-Commerce and Order Management systems.

The Top Level View - Fuze Suite


Get to know more about FuzeDigtial and the Fuze Suite

FuzeDigital Community Platform Introduction


The Fuze Suite is an offspring of social CRM (SCRM) and E2.0 technologies that blends multi-channel support with online community technology to create a one-of-a kind solution.

Getting to know the Fuze Suite


See how the Fuze Suite enables organizations to provide a support and communications channel to customers, members, partners, staff and other stakeholders.

Mark Canes talks about Blue Link

Blue Link

Mark Canes, Blue Link President talks about how Blue Link makes a difference for distributors