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Microsoft Lync 2010 -- What's Lync?


You may have heard that Microsoft Lync connects people in new ways, but what exactly is Lync? This short video explains.

What is New In Lync?


You'll find a lot to like about the new Microsoft Lync 2010. Things that will make it easier than ever to reach out, share your thoughts, and work virtually with others.

Call into a meeting as a leader or participant


This video is provided as part of the Microsoft Lync Adoption and Training Kit. Self-paced training videos can be posted to a company's internal Intranet site and/or incorporated into a company's training plans.

IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5 Meetings


Online meetings can help a social business activate networks of people that apply relevant content and expertise to improve and accelerate how things get done. Online meetings (web conferencing) allow rich collaboration within professional networks around the world—inside or outside the enterprise.

IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5 Browser Chat Client Demo


Browser-based chat client option lets you use a zero-download client to support thin client strategies.

IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Lite Demo


Learn how IBM Sametime Unified Telephony provides a simple entry point for Enterprise Voice-over-IP (VoIP) with this short product demonstration video.

WebEx on the iPad


Download the free WebEx app to join web meetings on your iPad. No account necessary. Get it from the Apple App Store. View documents, presentations, and even presenters' desktops—from your iPad.

What is Zoho?

Zoho Corporation

With over 20 Business, Productivity & Collaboration applications, Zoho offers significant advantages to run your business online. This video provides a very high level view on where Zoho fits in.

Saba People Cloud


Saba software fosters workforce optimization.

GoToTraining: How to Get Started with GoToTraining


Train your sales, support, and other team members.

Adobe Captivate Tutorials for Beginners: What's a Caption?


This episode is focused on basic Text Captions.

Adobe Captivate


Brief description of Adobe Captivate software.

How to Use GotoWebinar


Learn how to get on GotoWebinar as a user.

GoToWebinar Testimonial and Recommendations


Make communication easier and more efficient.

GoToAssist Express Beta Customer Testimonials


GoToAssist Express customer testimonials.

GoToAssist Demo


GoToAssist is just like GoToMeeting but this version is MUCH better.

Computer Tech Support with GoToAssist Express


Watch this video and learn how to use Citrix GoToAssist for computer tech support.

8x8 Virtual Room Video Interview


Viodi View Managing Editor Ken Pyle interviews 8x8 Chairman & CEO Bryan Martin.

Citrix Unveils GoToMeeting with HDFaces: Integrated HD Video Conferencing


Enables all participants to view up to six high-resolution video conferencing streams.

GoToMeeting with HDFaces TV Commercial


GoToMeeting takes online meetings a big step forward with HDFaces.