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Accounting White Papers and Demos

AccountEdge Pro Guide
White Paper provided by Acclivity

With over 25 years of uninterrupted development on the Mac, AccountEdge Pro is a premium small business accounting software for Mac users. AccountEdge Pro allows business owners to organize, process, and report on their financial information with ease so they can focus on their business. Its feature set is built to allow users to handle every aspect of their business including accounting, integrated payroll, sales and purchases, contact management, inventory, online orders, and time billing.

7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to Cloud Accounting
White Paper provided by FinancialForce

“If you’re not growing as a company, then you’re dying." A common, yet powerful notion in this age of everything moving at hyper-speed, growth or downfall, can happen faster than you have time to react. A multitude of companies start off using entry-level tools for accounting, but as the business grows, so do the voids within the programs. These missing features seemingly get patched with the use of spreadsheets, email and other “solutions” that can end up causing more harm than good in the long run.

Is it Time to Upgrade your Accounting System?
White Paper provided by FinancialForce

Have you outgrown your accounting system? If your platform is holding your business back with productivity-killing manual processes and workarounds, it's most likely preventing you from proper visibility into your operational finances, and a good night's sleep. If this sounds familiar, it's time to hang up the shackles of traditional modular software packages and explore business with the cloud.

Top 10 Accounting Practices Heading for Extinction
White Paper provided by FinancialForce

In today’s digital economy there is no more “business as usual”. Mobile devices, social media, cloud computing and the internet are all accelerating the pace of business and forcing fundamental changes in the way companies compete and how finance must operate. It’s time to take a long, close look at your current accounting practices and say goodbye to anything that doesn’t support growth, social, mobile, or customer service.

New Realities of Replacing Your Accounting System
White Paper provided by Intacct

Mint Jutras takes a look why companies like yours are choosing to replace their financial systems, and recommends strategies to simplify the selection process.

Best Practices for Choosing the Right Accounting Software
White Paper provided by Intacct

Maybe it's time to trade in your aging infrastructure and embrace a new generation of cloud-based financial systems that streamline your processes, improve productivity and generate greater insights and visibility.

Acumatica Cash Management Data Sheet
White Paper provided by Acumatica

The Cash Management (CA) module is integrated with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules to provide a single place where you can manage all of your cash needs. Reports provide summarized views of data and allow you to drill down to account details.

Acumatica Sales Order Management
White Paper provided by Acumatica

The Sales Order Management (SO) module allows you to centrally manage sales activities such as entering quotes, fulfilling sales orders, creating shipments, tracking prices, applying discounts, and viewing available inventory.

Acumatica Project Accounting Data Sheet
White Paper provided by Acumatica

Project Accounting features are organized in the Project Management (PM) module and are visible in the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, and the Employee Portal modules. Project accounting is ideal for professional services organizations such as engineering firms, marketing companies, consultants, law firms, temp agencies, and many others.