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Putting the SaaS into CMMS/EAM Software
White Paper provided by eMaint

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model as part of the Web 2.0 revolution is considered a very attractive, viable and cost effective solution for delivery of business applications to businesses of all sizes. This has become more apparent in the delivery of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), also known as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), where increased internet availability to maintenance and facility management departments of organizations is occurring everywhere. To evaluate whether a SaaS solution is a good fit for your organization, it is helpful to understand what the SaaS model is and how it compares to traditional, premises-based CMMS solutions.

Using eMaint X3, Cardinal CG Company Accomplishes a Turnaround to Profitability
Case Study provided by eMaint

Founded in 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cardinal Glass designs and fabricates residential glass products for windows and doors. They focus on providing superior-quality products, staying highly competitive in the marketplace and executing high-end customer service every day; the Cardinal CG division specializes in coated glass and tempered glass products. Maintenance Manager Boyd Helm brought over 25 years in maintenance management to Cardinal CG when he joined in 2008, where he found work orders and most maintenance management was done by word of mouth. Further, the division had not been profitable for the prior three years. Helm implemented a competitive CMMS in 2009 but experienced problems including: lack of flexibility, few customizable options, lack of provider support and significant additional costs.

Crown Reduced Their Repair Parts Inventory by $1.02 Million
Case Study provided by eMaint

Crown Holdings, Inc. is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world. With $6.8 billion in annual sales, its global operations -- spanning 192 plants located in 45 countries -- supply rigid packaging for a broad range of aerosol, beverage, food, and health & beauty products. Crown selected eMaint X3 online solutions as the technology core supporting their corporate EAM/CMMS cost reduction initiatives.

Orange County Containers Group Switches to eMaint for Multi-Location Inventory Management
Case Study provided by eMaint

Orange County Containers Group (OCCG) manufactures paperboard and paper-based packaging at multiple sites in the United States and northern Mexico. OCCG had been using Datastream for nearly a decade, but decided to look for a new CMMS provider to handle their preventive maintenance program at seven production plants in the U.S. and Mexico. Improved customer service (including Spanish language support) and multi-location inventory tracking were critical selection criteria.

Cintas Selects eMaint X3 for Roll-Out to Over 150 Rental Production Facilities
Case Study provided by eMaint

In 2007, Cintas sought to implement a company-wide CMMS solution. Due to high upfront and recurring costs, the first CMMS selection was rejected by top management. James and a group of engineers saw the need for a standardized CMMS system. In 2011, James was tasked with launching a pilot CMMS program that could provide a centralized database of historical maintenance and associated costs, transparency into daily operations, standardized procedures for PMs and Work Orders and the ability to tailor the system to match their specific processes. eMaint delivered these requirements at a low total cost of ownership and was ultimately selected for the pilot program.

Johns Hopkins Tracks its Radiology Equipment Service History with eMaint X3 CMMS
Case Study provided by eMaint

For more than a century, Johns Hopkins Medicine has led the way in medical research, education and innovation. The Radiology department has five engineers in its Physics Engineering division responsible for maintaining over 180 pieces of state-of-the-art Radiology imaging equipment located across multiple buildings at their Baltimore, MD campus. In 2001, the Radiology Department began looking for a maintenance management software package to replace an outdated in-house system designed in the early 1990s.

Run Energy Supports Renewable Energy Clients and Achieves Certification Using eMaint
Case Study provided by eMaint

Run Energy provides operations, maintenance, installation and technical services to the renewable energy and environmental industries worldwide, specializing in wind power, engine power and gas systems. With a presence in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, Run Energy uses an array of state-of-the-art software systems to enhance the operational performance of power plants and gas systems, improve efficiency, maximize safety and reduce costs for their clients.

Realtec Community Services Uses eMaint X3 CMMS For Maintenance and Property Preservation
Case Study provided by eMaint

Realtec Community Services, Inc, (RCS) is the Managing Agent for Ford’s Colony Home Owners Association (FCHOA) located in Williamsburg, Virginia, a community that over 5,000 residents call home. Within the community are over 2,500 private homes and townhouses, 2 sets of condominiums, as well as 2 private swimming pools, and 10 tennis courts. RCS is responsible for maintaining 48 miles of private roads, 2700 private acres and multiple community areas and service vehicles. Audrey Miller, Owner Services Coordinator, and Ryan Lee, Roads and Project Maintenance Manager, sought a more efficient way to manage owner requests, recurring maintenance and committee reporting.

Burris Logistics Utilizes eMaint X3 to Help Comply with OSHA Process Safety Management Regulations
Case Study provided by eMaint

Before eMaint X3, warehouse maintenance was documented in cumbersome spreadsheets. Key features that Burris required from a CMMS were a centralized database of all parts and equipment, a complete history of worked performed, meter-based preventive maintenance schedules with timed notifications of work due, and labor tracking to help manage overtime. Measuring failure rates of a new fluorescent lighting system was also desired to ensure vendor quality and warranty. Most importantly, Burris needed to comply with OSHA Process Safety Management standards which consist of fourteen elements requiring specific documentation.

Superior Dairy Passes ‘Safe Quality Foods’ Inspection with Flying Colors Using eMaint X3
Case Study provided by eMaint

When Jason Wolfe joined Superior Dairy as Assistant Maintenance manager, he recognized a need for a CMMS to help reduce downtime, manage inventory and preventive maintenance, and track large projects and completion rates for auditors. His objective was to create an automated PM program that would incorporate inventory and project tracking and help them improve machine performance and efficiencies. However, the most important was the need to demonstrate compliance with Safe Quality Foods (SQF) and produced reports that reflected this.