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Knowledge Management White Papers and Demos

The Knowledge Base of the Future: Cutting-Edge Ideas You Can Implement Now
White Paper provided by KANA

While we may still be waiting for flying cars and calorie-free ice cream, the future may be closer than you think when it comes to knowledge management. Here are a few progressive ideas you can implement now to start building the knowledge base of the future.

The Power of Customer Service Knowledge Management (CSKM)
White Paper provided by KANA

Organizations around the world face market pressures that make providing excellent customer service a necessity. The ability to quickly and accurately address customer issues is a prerequisite for ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

Six Best Practices for Agent Knowledge Management
White Paper provided by KANA

Implementing knowledge management in the contact center can have a profound effect on the quality and efficiency of your service operations. Customers benefit from interactions with more knowledgeable agents, who are empowered to resolve issues with greater speed, accuracy and consistency.

How Community Managers Can Use Gamification to Create Sustainable Engagement
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

The success factor for any community is engagement. The more time users spend interacting with your site and other community members the deeper the relationship they build with your brand. Gamification is a key element in ensuring user engagement. It allows you to optimize your community and get you closer to your customer.

Designing for Mobile Websites Using Responsive Design
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

Over the last few years, the web design community has seen a monumental shift in how we think about and create websites, due to the rapid rise of mobile browser use. From initially just making sure a site “worked” on mobile, we are now expected to make sure sites are “optimized” for mobile: providing a great user experience no matter the device viewing a site. There are several ways to accomplish this, and one of the most talked about techniques is Responsive Web Design (RWD).