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Payroll White Papers and Demos

Nine Questions to Ask about SaaS
White Paper provided by Acumatica

SaaS does not spare customers the need to ask vendors the same questions about service levels, costs, and other issues that they would ask themselves if they were planning on-premise implementations. Of the nine questions customers should ask about SaaS, seven also apply to on-premise deployment. However, the issues of changing needs prompt two more questions unique to SaaS.

On-Demand ERP in the Enterprise: A Practical CIO Guide to Implementation
White Paper provided by NetSuite

This paper, based on the experience and best practice established by early adopters, sets out a framework for deciding on and implementing on-demand ERP within enterprises of 250 employees or more, or in divisions within a larger enterprise. The paper will examine key concerns such as data integrity in enterprise systems, maintaining compliance and ensuring proper process management, as well as discussing new skills and approaches to help maximize returns on investment.