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Remote Support White Papers and Demos

Applying Remote Support Technology for Maximum Impact
White Paper provided by Citrix

By using remote support, technicians can access the users' desktop to effectively diagnose and resolve the issues.

It's Time to Review - and Renew - Your Telecommuting Policy
White Paper provided by Citrix

Most companies will save money by formalizing their telecommuting policies and standardizing support practices. Informal policies and ad hoc support result in inconsistencies about who can telecommute and what costs the company covers. Additionally, absent a formal policy, IT support costs will be higher when nonstandard and personal devices are connecting to the network.

People + Processes + Technology: Creating a Winning Formula for Customer Support
White Paper provided by Citrix

Service desks can employ the best agents in the world, or run the most sophisticated technologies, but without effectively combining the two, and directing their interactions based on sound processes, they won’t deliver service and support that differentiates. Some service transformation tools, such as remote support, not only improve customer service delivery, but positively impact employees and business processes as well.

Powering Your Global Professional Service Workforce with Web-Based Meeting and Collaboration Tools
White Paper provided by Citrix

This White Paper identifies some of the insights gained from a recent benchmark survey on how globalization drives the need for Professional Service Organization (PSOs) to rely on collaboration and remote service delivery tools like Citrix® GoToMeeting® Corporate and Citrix® GoToAssist® Corporate.