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Social CRM White Papers and Demos

CRM Feature Showdown: Comparing 5 Leading CRM Software
White Paper provided by Unknown

Comparing CRM software features can help narrow the choices in the software selection process, enabling organizations to find the solution with the capabilities that answer their requirements. Compare the features of top CRM software products from leading vendors and discover what these solutions have to offer.

5 CRM Best Practices to Increase Sales
White Paper provided by Unknown

As CRM programs have increased in popularity and effectiveness, some best practices have emerged that can make an impact on your sales numbers.

5 Things Growing Businesses Need to Look for in CRM Software
White Paper provided by Unknown

For the growing business, there are five key attributes to demand in CRM software, including scalability and flexibility, an intuitive user experience, dashboard reporting, the potential in hosted solutions, and an understanding of the business requirements.

6 Criteria for Picking a CRM System for Your Business Needs
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Which CRM system is right for an organization can depend on several factors, and it isn’t a decision organizations can afford to take lightly. CRM is the path to customer loyalty, new business, and increased revenues over the short and long-term, affecting every area of an organization’s success.

Lithium and Software-as-a-Service
White Paper provided by Unknown

Lithium’s flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution maximizes the benefits and minimizes the risks of enterprise communities by providing a winning combination of on-demand forums, blogs, chat, tribal knowledge bases, and other social networking tools, coupled with innovative analytics and the experience and expertise gained from more than ten years of hosting communities for large enterprises.

How to Avoid Delivering Bad Customer Service
White Paper provided by Unknown

Delivering high quality customer service plays a pivotal role in your company’s front-office activities. Get our FREE Customer Service guide and learn how you can deliver better service to your customers.

How to Use Social CRM to Deliver Superior Customer Relationships
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How would your customers rate their relationships with your company? The customer relationship management (CRM) focus was merely on the activities and preferences of the client so a company could more easily and readily address their needs, upsell and cross-sell solutions and drive strong revenue and profit streams.

Yankee Group: Tying Order Management Is Critical to CRM
White Paper provided by NetSuite

With Advanced Sales Forecasting software from NetSuite, you now have the ability to run accurate, up-to-the-second sales forecasts to address your most pressing business questions. As a result, you can manage your data, and your business with greater accuracy, speed, and confidence.