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Transportation and Logistics White Papers and Demos

Plex Online Customer Success Story: ARCA
Case Study provided by Plex Systems Inc

ARCA is one of the largest manufacturers and systems integrators of cash-handling devices in the world. The company develops software applications and supplies components and diagnostics for cash dispensers, cash recycling machines and coin dispensers. See how Plex Online not only doubled their production and market share, but also increased ARCA's efficiency by 20 percent.

Viewlocity Control Tower Platform
White Paper provided by Viewlocity Technologies

By implementing tailored ‘best in class’ processes, Viewlocity Control Tower Platform enables you to control all aspects of your end-to-end supply chain - inbound transportation, outbound transportation, order management, returns management, asset management and service management.

Lower Costs and Streamline Inbound Logistics: Viewlocity Inbound Planning Engine
White Paper provided by Viewlocity Technologies

Viewlocity Inbound Planning Engine uses optimization techniques to provide the lowest cost inbound logistics plan to meet demand.

Take Control of Your Supply Chain: Viewlocity Control Tower Platform
White Paper provided by Viewlocity Technologies

By bridging the gaps between your ERP, supply chain and carrier tracking systems, Viewlocity Control Tower Platform provides global visibility of all inventory – at rest and in transit – including inbound and outbound shipments, as well as processes for purchase orders, sales orders and returns regardless of the transportation mode.

Viewlocity Control Tower Platform for Third-Party Logistics Providers
White Paper provided by Viewlocity Technologies

The Viewlocity Control Tower Platform leverages all your existing solutions, even across multiple systems, multiple vendors, and diverse technologies.

Viewlocity Production Engine
White Paper provided by Viewlocity Technologies

The Viewlocity Production Engine links operational planning and execution in real time as it concurrently synchronizes order fulfillment activities and resources.

TECSYS Customer Success Story: WALTER
Case Study provided by TECSYS

Learn how TECSYS helped WALTER, an industrial distribution company, increase efficiencies and cost savings.

Focus Experts’ Briefing: ERP in the Age of Mobility
White Paper provided by Sage

Managing massive volumes of information requires time and resources—two luxuries that most lean-and-mean businesses simply don’t have enough of today. A cost-efficient solution to this challenge is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that allows you to integrate all your management processes into a single, coherent information system.

A Guide to Hybrid ERP Solutions
White Paper provided by Sage

When evaluating ERP systems for purchase, one important criterion lies in whether customers are looking for an on-premise ERP solution, a cloud-based ERP system, or a hybrid combination of the two.

Solving Real Business Issues During the ERP Selection Process
White Paper provided by Sage

The search for the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider can be stressful, particularly when both the buyer and the vendor get stuck in the features or technical requirements and forget about the bigger picture—what the main business issues are that you actually trying to solve and whether this new investment will actually help you resolve these specific challenges.