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About LiveOps Call Center Software

LiveOps provides best-in-class on-demand call center technology, as well as virtual call center services through a network of over 20,000 independent home agents, to hundreds of companies in both direct response and enterprise markets. In the direct response market, LiveOps has gained the undisputed reputation as the best performing virtual call center, with 30% more revenue per campaign than traditional outsourcers. For the enterprise market, LiveOps helps companies transform their traditional call center into a more flexible, highly scalable, and cost-effective virtual call center model.

With strong roots in both entrepreneurship and engineering LiveOps offers a unique blend of a vibrant online agent community and a technology platform. With this unique mix, LiveOps is a very comprehensive and flexible call center solution.

LiveOps has created the largest marketplace for call center workers, uniting independent agents with companies all over the world. LiveOps enables independent agents to work on their terms in any location, and at any time. Independent agents have expressed their satisfaction of working from home on a schedule they chose, while eliminating their daily commute and saving money on rising gas prices.

In just five years LiveOps became the undisputed market leader for outsource call centers in the Direct Response market. In the past three years the company has aggressively expanded into the enterprise market with a marquee list of customers in insurance, financial services and retail industries.

LiveOps Call Center Key Strengths

  • The LiveOps call center software solution provides access to a pool of over 20,000 highly qualified agents throughout North America, versus agents located within commuting distance of a brick and mortar call center.
  • With LiveOps call center software, customers can rapidly scale up call center infrastructure when they need it and reduce it when they don’t and have the flexibility to respond quickly to business changes.
  • The LiveOps call center solution lets customers deploy a complete end-to-end call center platform in weeks versus months and pay for agents and technology only when they use them.
  • Companies leveraging the LiveOps virtual agent model and high agent loyalty are lowering their agent attrition rates by up to 90%.
  • LiveOp’s on-demand technology and independent home agent solutions, can be purchased together or independently giving organizations greater flexibility, quality, and scalability than traditional, on-premise call center technology.
  • LiveOps has some of the best technology experts in the world – many of whom are the early innovators of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley. Always looking for ways to improve call center technology, LiveOps continues to develop groundbreaking, gold standard solutions that enable thousands of individuals to work together on a flexible, highly scalable, on-demand platform.
  • The LiveOps management team includes forward-thinking executives from industry-leading software as a service (SaaS), Contact Center, Business Intelligence, and customer relationship management (CRM) companies such as eBay, Business Objects, Netscape,, Siebel, and Tellme.
  • As a registered Responsible Organization (RespOrg), LiveOps manages tens of thousands of toll-free and local numbers on behalf of its clients and its virtual call center platform handles over 15 million calls per month.