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About SPSS Marketing Automation Software

Over its thirty-seven year history, SPSS Inc. has evolved into an international corporation that delivers analytical tools and solutions to organizations around the globe.

Benefits for Marketers

SPSS’ software tools enable research analysts and business users to access and prepare data for analysis; develop and deploy predictive models; and generate reports and graphs to present the results. The company offers various tools, including statistical tools, which are used by research analysts working in various commercial, governmental, and academic organizations; data mining tools, including clementine data mining workbench with optional add-on modules for text mining and predictive Web analytics; and business intelligence tools.

SPSS predictive analytics software improves business processes by directing, optimizing, and automating decisions made throughout an organization. Predictive analytics includes both the analysis of past, present, and projected future outcomes using advanced analytics, and decision optimization for determining which action will drive the optimal outcome. The recommended action is then delivered to the systems or people that can effectively implement it.

Unlike other vendors that offer either limited predictive capabilities or predictive analytics that cannot be deployed enterprise-wide, SPSS’ comprehensive technology is highly scalable and interoperable, enabling you to perform predictive analytics across disparate data sources and leverage your existing technology investments.

SPSS customers combine predictive analysis with their own organizational business knowledge to gain critical insights into customer acquisition and retention, up-selling and cross-selling, fraud detection, and patient outcome improvement.

SPSS History

The company was co-founded by Norman H. Nie, C. Hadlai (Tex) Hull, and Dale H. Bent in 1968 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Today SPSS has more than 250,000 customers worldwide, served by more than 1,200 employees in 60 countries. SPSS software is used in over 100 countries. All 50 U.S. state governments use SPSS analytics, and 100% of the top U.S. universities use SPSS analytics.