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RSUPPORT Remote Support Solutions

In 2001, RSUPPORT set out to develop the most advanced remote management system. Utilizing in-house research and development teams and experienced leadership, they have exceeded all expectations with their flagship product—RemoteCall. With this technology, businesses only need the Internet and a simple icon to enable their suppliers to deliver software support to customers throughout the world. Although this technology is patented, RSUPPORT has continued to up the ante with a research and development team that it boasts as being second to none.

RSUPPORT’s corporate philosophy is based on the realization that the small to medium sized business (SMB) market is growing and the need for cost effective solutions has never been more vital. The company reports that by designing remote support systems that are fast, secure and easy-to-use, over 3,000 companies worldwide have chosen RSUPPORT technology.

Large companies, government agencies and small businesses have all discovered that RSUPPORT remote management systems save money, time and frustration. Today, RSUPPORT remains on the cutting edge of Remote Support Technology, RSUPPORT reports that much of its revenue is funneled back into its R&D department to enable the further development of innovative enhancements to its proven technology.

RSUPPORT Strengths

  • RSUPPORT’s RemoteCall is an on-demand web-based support solution. There’s no need for pre-installed software – you simply connect, diagnose, and solve problems with your customers directly through the web.
  • RemoteCall doesn’t require any changes to a company’s existing network configurations; it works transparently through any firewall or proxy server, allowing anywhere, anytime connectivity.
  • RemoteCall’s quick, one-click connection method is gaining widespread popularity as one of the world’s easiest remote connection methods.
  • RemoteView provides remote access to PCs – away from home or the office. Access files and programs from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Using the same technology as RSUPPORT’s award-winning RemoteCall support software, RemoteView is quick and easy to use; connect from anywhere that has an Internet connection, with no need for pre-installed software.