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Warehouse Software for Dynamics AX Supports Forney Industries Growth Objectives

Forney Industries has chosen a new software solution to support it ambitious growth objectives. Forney has chosen Blue Horseshoe to take them to the next level of their business ventures.

Forney Industries is one of America’s longest-operating, family-owned distribution companies and is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Kyle Pettine, COO of Forney Industries says they will be adding products to complement their existing portfolio and that their business goal is to double in size every five years.

In their objective to take things to the next level, Forney Industries needed a system that could keep pace. Pettine believes Blue Horseshoe has the right software solutions to do the job.

Blue Horseshoe has been providing expert management and operational consulting to Fortune 500 and mid-market businesses throughout the world since 1983. They are a privately held solution services firm that assesses business needs and applies applications to improve profitability and increase efficiency.

Forney asked Blue Horseshoe to implement its Warehousing for AX (WAX) and Transportation for AX (TRAX) software solutions for their two distribution centers in Colorado and New York.

Forney distributes more than 4,500 products to its more than 12,000 customers in the hardware retail, automotive, farm and ranch, and do-it-yourself businesses.

Blue Horseshoe has many goals with its WAX solution for Forney Industries. One main goals is to integrate advanced supply-chain capabilities into the companies’ Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning system and provide them with a real-time global view of business operations.

The ultimate goal of the WAX implementation is to give Forney Industries an integrated and comprehensive order management, distribution and financial system and to enable their growth objectives, says Kevin Paul, V.P. of Blue Horseshoe.