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Jeff Frankel

VP of Business Development & Marketing, DocStar

Jeff Frankel is Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at DocStar, a B2B software firm specializing in cloud content management and business process automation. He has more than two decades experience in corporate business development, working with industry-leading firms including Authentidate Holding Corp, Med-Flash, Health Focus of NY, and Ernst & Young. Jeff offers innovative perspectives on streamlining business for improved efficiency and productivity. You can follow Jeff and the DocStar team on Twitter, @docstarsoftware.

Jul 10, 2013
Jeff Frankel wrote this post:
Without ECM, Accounts Payable Visibility Is Out the Window

Without the use of enterprise content management (ECM) and its streamlined AP processes, providing an accurate and well-informed decision to these questions can be difficult to say the least. Because ECM presents businesses with a new, clearer understanding of time and money through streamlined processes, greater insight and organization, there's no more decision making "in the dark."

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