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Sally Dickson

Head of Marketing, Really Simple Systems
Expert in CRM, Digital, Brands, Ecommerce

Digital Marketing Communications & Ecommerce

A Communications & Digital marketing specialist, I am highly experienced in launching and growing cost-effective communications including multi-lingual mobile applications, e-commerce sites and websites for global brands both client side and as freelance consultant.

I have considerable experience in every kind of digital assets from social media, to ecommerce to websites, and most recently mobile apps.

Branded Content Creation & Editorial

I am a exceptional writer and editor of Luxury content, I have overseen Vertu Select and City Brief for three years. I edit and write all of the content for the mobile apps, and all of the associated marketing communications, customer information sheets, press releases, product information and promotional brochures.

Apr 1, 2014
Sally Dickson wrote this post:
Are You Making the Most of Your CRM System?

After choosing and rolling out a CRM system, many businesses will leave it at that. But are they really making the most of their system? The answer for most businesses is "probably not." The CRM system should be the main tool for your sales and marketing departments. It needs to be kept up to date, just not with the data it holds, but also how it is set up. Then you can make the maximum use of the data it holds.

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