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Daniel Enthoven

Chief Marketing Officer, Enkata

Daniel Enthoven brings twenty years of technology and call center experience to the Enkata team. Dan was one of the early employees of Nuance Communications, developing their vertical marketing and channel sales programs. Later, Dan joined BeVocal as Director of Marketing. In 2005, Dan joined Trovix, a semantic search company, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Trovix was acquired by Monster Worldwide in 2008, and Dan became Vice President of Product Marketing for Monster.

Jul 8, 2014
Daniel Enthoven wrote this post:
Big Data Software for Sales: Help Your Salespeople Close More Deals

Sales managers who look for answers in the CRM system consistently find that the data isn’t there. Furthermore, looking at activity metrics like calls placed and emails sent is even less informative. This is where Big Data software for sales organizations will make all the difference.

Feb 19, 2014
Daniel Enthoven wrote this post:
3 Ways to Be a Bad Sales Manager

There are a lot of implications about how companies should think about promoting sales managers. But one critical question is what they should do to help the managers they have develop skills beyond the sales skills they already have. This matters, because a lot of sales management practices come from the success the person had before they were promoted.

Jan 13, 2014
Daniel Enthoven wrote this post:
New Year’s Resolutions and Employee Improvement Plans: Three Tricks to Make Them Stick

While New Year’s resolutions are usually personal goals, employee improvement follows the same pattern. Annual performance reviews and bonuses are almost always tied to the calendar year. Motivated employees take this time to reflect on their performance and figure out how they can improve. Unfortunately, these resolutions will fail for the same reasons that people don’t lose the weight or be more social.

Oct 20, 2013
Daniel Enthoven wrote this post:
A Marketing Thought for Health Insurance Providers

One thing I’m hearing consistently from health insurance providers is that they all want to become more consumer friendly. With the advent of health exchanges, individual shoppers, not corporate benefits managers, will have the power to choose. As one health industry insider recently said, “We’re going to have to switch from B2B to B2C.”

Jul 2, 2013
Daniel Enthoven wrote this post:
Human Resources: Another Way Google and Yahoo are Different

Two stories about human resources decisions show a remarkable contrast between Google and Yahoo, and may be telling about the future of both companies. Marissa Mayer’s ban on telecommuting has been at the center of an ongoing debate about flexible work arrangements for months. Since it was first announced in February, the ban has generated thousands of articles and blog posts.

Jun 16, 2013
Daniel Enthoven wrote this post:
Big Brother Isn't the Way to Manage Employees

Some employers are taking advantage of new technologies to keep a closer and closer eye on their employees. They’re watching network traffic, reading emails, and recording computer screens. It’s been likened to “Big Brother,” and the worst part is that it's extending far beyond the IT department tracking your computer usage.

May 27, 2013
Daniel Enthoven wrote this post:
What the Telecommuting Debate Should Be About

Even before Yahoo’s entry into the telecommuting debate, there has been an ongoing discussion, with passion on both sides, about what telecommuting really means. But perhaps debate isn’t really the right word, as people are often talking past each other rather than actually engaging.

May 16, 2013
Daniel Enthoven wrote this post:
End Telecommuting? Why Not Measure It First?

I'm tired of the debate on telecommuting. I’ve seen the data, and the answer is clear: Work-from-home employees are less efficient. It isn’t even close.

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