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Kathleen O'Connor

Private Sector Consultant, MetaSystems Inc
Expert in ERP Software and IT Consulting

The author represents Metasystems, which is one of the leading ERP software providers that offers Accelerated ERP Software - a comprehensive manufacturing software solution for discrete manufacturers. This highly configurable, module-oriented software solution is designed to meet the needs of varied manufacturers in different industries.

Sep 4, 2013
Kathleen O'Connor wrote this post:
How to Evaluate ERP Software for Your Business

When they first start looking for a system to manage their organizations, many people start wondering, "What is ERP software, really?" And how does one decide to go for which software? With the amount of options available in the market today, even when narrowing it down to the best of the vendors, it's still extremely difficult to come to a final decision. While researching the different ERP software choices on the market, ask yourself the following strategic questions.

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