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Jillian Stone

Creative Marketing Director, Kingsway Solutions
Expert in Online Marketing, Web Design and Publication Design and Layout

Jillian is responsible for marketing activities for Kingsway and the clients who use Kingsway's marketing services. She is also the owner/managing member of Stone Mountain Solutions, LLC and an adjunct professor at Lehigh Carbon Community College. Her primary expertise is in content marketing, web design and publication design and layout. In her work as Creative Marketing Director for Kingsway, she helps develop curriculum for their online business coaching and marketing classroom as well as assisting them with developing online marketing strategies.

Feb 10, 2013
Jillian Stone wrote this post:
How to Stand Out in a Sea of Content

What makes you unique? Why should someone read your content over someone else’s? These are questions we have to ask ourselves if we are going to participate in content marketing. A few years ago, when we realized we could tune out the myriad of messages we were receiving on a daily basis through traditional marketing; we began looking to online media. But, as it always turns out when people jump on the bandwagon, we then have to deal with a saturated or super-saturated market!

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