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Kimberley Chan

Writer and Marketing Specialist, OneDesk Inc.
Expert in social business and collaborative technology

Kimberley Chan is a Writer and Marketing Specialist at OneDesk Inc., developers of OneDesk, unique social business software. She is also a regular blogger on OneDesk’s blog where she provides insight to organizations as to how they can use the latest social technologies to build a stronger business and drive innovation. Follow her company on Twitter @OneDeskApp to learn more.

Feb 20, 2013
Kimberley Chan wrote this post:
The Social Phenomenon: New Trends for Businesses, Customers and Software

The “new Internet,” properly termed the “social web” has started a trend that is revolutionizing the way businesses function. The emergence of various social channels available on the web allow businesses easily take on a new form communication to interact, listen and engage with colleagues and customers.

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