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Laura Stack

President & CEO, The Productivity Pro®, Inc.
Expert in Productivity and Leadership

Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, is America’s Premier Expert in Productivity™. For over 20 years, her seminars and speeches have helped professionals, leaders, and teams accelerate individual and team performance, execute efficiently, and improve output in the workplace.

Jan 27, 2014
Laura Stack wrote this post:
Outgrowing the Old: The Necessity of Change Management

At no time in living memory—and likely at no point in history—has adaptability been a more desirable business trait than it is today. Given our recent economic difficulties, in combination with accelerating technological sophistication, change occurs almost daily—whether we want it to or not.

Aug 21, 2013
Laura Stack wrote this post:
Effective Teleconferencing Tips for Virtual Teams

Conference calls can be a great way to connect virtual teams from around the world. To make sure your next teleconference is successful, follow the 3 Ps of effective teleconferencing.

Aug 11, 2013
Laura Stack wrote this post:
Stop Thinking and Start Acting: Seven Tips for Making Executive Decisions

Laura Stack's seven tips on making executive decisions without getting caught up in a tumult of institutionalized indecision.

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