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Hie Jung Yoon

Manager, Solution Engineering, Revitas

I'm Hie Jung Yoon, Manager, Solution Engineering, at Revitas. I'm also a blogger at I've spent the last five years at Revitas working on enterprise contract management in both the life sciences and industry solutions markets. Before joining Revitas, I dealt with enterprise channel management at Click Commerce. I've also worked in supply chain management with high-tech and materially intensive industries at Manugistics, and enterprise resource planning at System Software Associates. I earned my B.A. from Northwestern University.

Dec 25, 2013
Hie Jung Yoon wrote this post:
Making the Case for Automated Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts rule all B2B relationships. All businesses, from growing mid-market companies to large-scale global organizations, need an effective system to manage surges in contract volumes and ensure accurate visibility and reporting. While the contract administrators, sales operators, sales executives, and legal personnel on the front lines of contract lifecycle management (CLM) understand the importance of a well-performing CLM system, many executives still underappreciate the strategic importance of contract management.

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