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Product Snapshot

  • $29.99/month (up to 15 participants; for current customers)
  • $39.99/month (up to 15 participants; for new customers)
  • $49.99/month (up to 50 participants; for current and new customers)

8×8 Virtual Meeting is a browser-based solution, requiring no software to download. As such, only a web browser and a telephone are required to use 8×8 Virtual Meeting and no plug-ins, downloads or hardware is necessary.

Customer Focus

8×8 Virtual Meeting is an ideal solution for any business with customers around the United States and across the globe.

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About 8×8 Virtual Meeting

- 8x8 Virtual Meeting 8×8 Virtual Meeting is a flexible web conferencing solution that is simple to use and affordable. The platform enables users to meet with customers and colleagues from anywhere around the globe, hold demos and sales presentations and conduct webinars and webcasts. As an online application, accessing and managing online meetings require just a few clicks. The software is up to 30% less than other popular web conferencing solutions, but is built with comprehensive features to answer the web conferencing needs of any business.

About the Company

Founded in 1987, 8×8 provides affordable communications solutions to small to midsized businesses and large distributed enterprises. 8×8’s portfolio of products encompasses VOIP phone service, contact centers, hosting, video conferencing and unified communications solutions, backed by technology owned and operated by 8×8. 8×8 is committed to providing innovative solutions that deliver quality, reliability, and robust performance—all at an affordable price that is accessible for businesses of all sizes. 8×8 also provides Virtual Room as a solution for video conferencing needs.


8×8 Virtual Meeting Key Features

  • Unlimited conference calling a at a low fixed rate
  • Unlimited number of meetings per month
  • Free local dial-in number
  • Local toll, international toll and toll-free number options
  • Desktop sharing and content sharing
  • Record, download and playback meetings
  • Compatible with all major computer platforms
  • No toll charges for participants if dialing in from the 8×8 network
  • One-click meeting
  • Integrated phone conferencing/VoIP
  • Email and Chat integration
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Document annotation on screen
  • Integration with 8×8 Virtual Office
  • Conduct multi-media video meetings
  • Enable private group conversations
  • Invite, mute and remove participants at your discretion
  • Pass desktop sharing controls to participants


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