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– AccuBuild Construction Payroll Review

Product Snapshot


SaaS version is $200 a month. On-premise license is $2,500.


Software-as-a-Service, On-Premise

Customer Focus

AccuBuild works with small and mid-sized construction companies.

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About AccuBuild Construction Payroll

- AccuBuild Construction PayrollAccuBuild Construction Payroll is a pair of modules for construction companies that provides payroll functionality and mobile support. This program lets you choose the method with which you send out money and generates checks. A lot of payroll code and regulation data is already stored in the program, enabling you to calculate pay across different states, union jurisdictions, workers’ compensation insurance classifications, and job sites. Lastly, this software package contains support for AccuBuild Mobile, a mobile app that allows field reporting and access to AccuBuild software from anywhere.

About AccuBuild
AccuBuild was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Texas. The company has been developing construction management software since its inception. In addition to software development, AccuBuild offers IT consulting, CPA services, and custom report designing. AccuBuild is construction partners with CFMA, AICPA, CICPAC, AGC, and ABC.

AccuBuild Construction Payroll Key Features

  • Small and mid-sized construction company payroll software
  • A set of two modules
  • Payroll module lets you choose payment methods, creates checks, and generates tax reports
  • Easily calculates wages across different states, unions, job sites, and workers’ compensation insurance classifications
  • Includes AccuBuild Mobile, which enables field reporting and mobile access to AccuBuild products

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