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– Accusol Technologies EduERP Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with schools and colleges.

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About EduERP

- Accusol Technologies EduERP EduERP is an institute management solution that oversees all of the user’s institution activities for administrators. The platform allows users to work with the four modules for front desk management, student management, campus management and administration management.

The software provides businesses with the tools to use this program facilitates administrator-student interactions. Additionally, the platform allows institutions to have students review their own data, increasing operational transparency.

About the Company

Accusol Technologies was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in India.


EduERP Key Features

  • Modular college and school management solution
  • Front desk management module handles admissions, fees, student inquiries and student data
  • Student management module handles attendance, assignments, courses, tests, timetables, student placement and discipline
  • Campus management module handles all library, hostel, cafeteria, classroom and lab facilities
  • Administration management module tracks student travel, school schedules, events and payroll data
  • Generates Word, Excel and PDF reports
  • Integrates with smart cards, biometric sensors and RFID technology
  • Provides students and staff with easy access to information
  • Increases organizational transparency


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