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Allscripts EHR Review

Product Snapshot

  • MyWay EHR: $399 a month full time/$299 a month part time
  • For Product Prices of Allscripts Professional EHR and Allscripts Enterprise EHR, contact Allscripts.

A key feature of the Allscripts EHR Software is its ease of access. Through its integration of all aspects of medical data, Allscripts provides a web-based software that can be accessed by everyone in a medical organization, from a physician to an administrator. Through the login-based software, vital information can be transmitted by all users.

Customer Focus

Small Physician Practices, Administrative Clinics, Large Medical Enterprises, Ambulatory Clinics

Select Customers

Cornerstone Health Care, Central Utah Clinic, EVMS Health Services, MIT Medical, Cardiovascular Associates, West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital,OliverFamily Healthcare, Western Wayne Physicians

About Allscripts EHR Software

Allscripts EHRAllscripts EHR Software provides assistance to members of every level of the health care community. Allscripts EHR software is applicable to all levels of experience. Allscripts EHR software varies from small organizations to large practices. In addition, Allscripts EHR software provides ease of access and convenience through applications in the iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry smartphones. Through three options of EHR software, Allscripts EHR software provides every management need. The key to the Allscripts EHR software is the network and sharing provided, allowing the user to receive and send information with ease. The control and flexibility provided by Allscripts EHR Software allows users to cater to their medical software needs. With all the aforementioned benefits provided by Allscripts EHR software, it has become the number one most utilized EHR software.

About Allscripts
Allscripts is a medical software provider that specializes in providing its clients specialized and effective EMR and EHR. Allscripts believes in a “Connected Community of Health”, aiding and assisting all members of a medical practice. Allscripts’ core belief is in utilizing a software that incorporates the greatest amount of clients, while using only one patient record, so as to achieve both efficient and profitable results for its customers. This approach is summarized in one of their main beliefs: “One Network. One Platform. One Patient.” Allscripts serves 1,500 hospitals, 10,000 post acute care organizations, and 180,000 physician users. With such a large client base, Allscripts paves the way in medical software through its innovation and ingenuity.

Allscripts EHR Software Key Features

Allscripts MyWay
  • Control and Adaptability to user needs
  • Compiled Patient History
  • Clinical Charting
  • ePrescribing
  • Efficient Lab Orders and Results
  • Automated Patient Followup
  • Simplicity
Allscripts Professional
  • Readily Available Information
  • Convenient Administration Applications
  • Efficient Patient Care
  • Health Maintenance Tools
  • Organized Lab and Procedure Orders
  • Medication Management
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Practice Management Integration
Allscripts Enterprise
  •   Flexible Notes
  •   ePrescribing
  •   Actionable Alerts
  •   History and Physical Function
  •   Input Flexibility
  •   Integrated Clinical Content
  •   Third-Party Devices
  •   Community Connection
  •   Customizable Features

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  • capedoc

    does anyone have experience using Allscripts positive or negative?

  • ColeMine

    We have Allscripts MyWay and it is “buggy” at best. We have lots of serial errors and issues with their servers losing the connection. On the Admin side, scheduling,billing and PM is average; really nothing to write home about.On the clinical side their system is not user friendly. Our clinical team has rated MyWay 4/10 and I believe they were right on the money with their assessment. It’s an average system with an above average price tag. My advice is to keep looking.