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CompuGroup Medical CGM CLINICAL Review

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Product is available as a SaaS solution.

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Vendor works with small to midsize medical practices, physician clinics, and medical administrators.

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CompuGroup Medical CGM CLINICAL CGM Clinical is practice management and electronic health record management software that supports clinical, financial and administrative workflows. The platform assists users with managing patient documentation, health records, reports, billing information and scheduling processes.

The software updates data in both the PM and the EHR functionalities in real-time, supports day-to-day operational tasks and procedures, and is certified by an ONC-ACB. Additionally, the platform links relevant documents to patient charts such as records, test results, clinical reports and images, is equipped with customizable scheduling templates, and is designed to provide physicians with user-friendly charting functionality.

About the Company

CompuGroup Medical is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.



  • Supports billing activities such as aging, and claims resources and submission status
  • Add-on patient portal that enables patients with accessing self-service features, secure messaging, and appointment scheduling
  • Report generation capabilities
  • Administrative, clinical and financial summary generation tools
  • Check-in to check-out patient flow support and management tools


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  • Msmc619

    We have Alteer Office and I would say for the last 3 to 4 months we have NOT had one smooth office flow day.  Something is not working properly every day– It doesn’t save info that is put in, faxes are not working, prescriptions will not e-scribe and so on.   It has been so frustrating!!!    One day I literally timed it – It took 2 minutes to go from chart to chart because it was running so slow.  It was not our internet as I checked and it was moving quickly.  Alteer said it was on their end.  I am sorry but this is unacceptable as Best Practice for any office.    My doctor is very very frustrated.  We have medical students and they now know what EHR not to even consider they told me.  I have worked at few other medical office that had EHR and not once have I ever experienced such a bad work/office flow from them.  Come on Alteer I realize that systems will have problems from time to time, I can accept that.  I can not accept that it occurs EVERY SINGLE DAY now for past few months.  All we want is an EHR that is efficient in its daily running.

    • Guest

      Thank you for taking the time to post. Your feedback is valuable.  I am a user of their medical billing software

  • We have AO for more than one year. I will not advise any one to Buy ALteer. the soft ware after one year working some what but has alot of issues. The support is horrible. They donot know how to fix the issues. They are not available most of the time. On top of that the support is California and East coast practices have hard time getting in touch with support. If there is any issue the support calls after 5 PM EST and they know that office is closed. Then they close the case because provider is not available. I WILL NOT ADVISE ANY ONE TO BUY ALTEER. YOU WILL REGRET. The sales people also donot bother about you after they have sold you the soft ware and got the money. Then you are abondoned in the middle of no where.

  • Amom

    All the comments are true and correct, this product is horrible!

  • dissatisfied

    Alteer/CGM is terrible. Patient “Portal” is just an email system that does not work at all. Not at all prepared for ICD10 as they said they would be. Not compatible with many (if any) other EHR programs or PACS systems. Frequent crashes and bugs. Its one mess after another. One lie after another from IT and Management about upcoming “fixes” to patient portal and availability. All around HORRIBLE product.