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Apache Spark Review

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About Apache Spark

Apache Spark Apache Spark is a large-scale data center management software solution that allows users to code and send out inquiries in Java, Scala and Python quickly. Users start out by uploading all of their code into the program. Users can then perform inquiries on an as needed basis, assign tasks and apply transactions to resilient distributed datasets.

Meanwhile, the system can stream performance analytics in real-time as users continue to work with code. The product comes with a machine learning engine that can further speed up all inquiry processing, and completed apps can run up to 100 times faster than in Hadoop environments. Lastly, Apache Spark offers an interactive command line interface for low-latency data inquiries.

About the Company

The Apache Software Foundation was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Wakefield Massachusetts.


Apache Spark Key Features

  • On-premise large-scale data processing software solution
  • Allows users to code and perform inquiries in Java, Scala and Python
  • Sets up schedules for transactions and tasks
  • Streams all usage analytics as users continue to work
  • Streamlines operations through a machine learning engine
  • Can perform low-latency inquiries through an interactive command line interface
  • Runs programs up to 100 times faster than Hadoop environments


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