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Roaring Penguin CanIT Archiver Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

30 day free trial available.


Roaring Penguin Software offers on-premise and SaaS solutions.

Customer Focus

CanIt Archiver works for small to midsized businesses.

Select Customers

Fluid IT, University of Western Ohio, ISWest, Mississippi State University, The Scripps Research Institute

About CanIt Archiver

Roaring Penguin CanIT ArchiverCanIt Archiver is an email archiving software solution that allows you to store your messages safely. It is a cost-effective in-house arching solution and reduces e-mail related storage issues on your mail server. You can set your own e-mail retention periods. CanIt Archiver takes SMTP in and produces SMTP out, so it is compatible with any mail server including Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail, Scalix, Postfix, Zimbra, Exim and more.

About Roaring Penguin Software

Founded in 1999, Roaring Penguin Software Inc., the email filtering experts, focuses on fighting spam at the mail server with the acclaimed CanIt and MIMEDefang product lines. Today, Roaring Penguin develops its anti-spam solutions, secure e-mail messaging solutions and email archiving/email continuity software for customers that include enterprises, ISPs, MSPs, Universities, web hosts, and government offices. For more information, visit

Roaring Penguin is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with customers and partners throughout North America and worldwide.

CanIt Archiver Key Features

  • Cost-effective in-house archiving solution
  • Reduce e-mail related storage issues on your mail server
  • Set your own e-mail retention periods
  • Compatibility with all major mail servers

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