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MAUS MasterPlan Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

MAUS offers two diffrent pricing packages:

  • SME Edition: $299 per user
  • Corporate Edition: $299 per user with a minimum of 30 users

MAUS Masterplan is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

MAUS works with small to medium-sized businesses in many different industries.

Select Customers

Contact MAUS directly for case studies.

About MAUS MasterPlan

MAUS MasterPlan MAUS MasterPlan is a set of business and marketing tools that allows a business to develop strong marketing and business plans. Using a question and answer format and actual case studies, this program helps users prepare strategies and develop financial forecasts. The product sports a wide number of planning templates to meet the needs of various industries, and even if there’s no perfect fit, a user can customize them. Additional program tools include financial calculators and graphs and a tracker that monitors actual vs forecasted performance.

About MAUS
MAUS Business Systems was founded during 1990 in Australia.

MAUS MasterPlan Features

  • A planner for marketing and business strategies
  • Uses real-life examples and a question and answer format to help you chart plans
  • Carries a wide array of customizable planning templates
  • Tracks actual performance vs forecasted performance
  • Financial calculator and graphs
  • Can modify, add, or delete the program’s questions and real-life examples

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