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Apptricity Supply Chain Management Review

Product Snapshot


Apptricity solutions are deployable as either SaaS on on-premise.

Customer Focus

Apptricity focuses on servicing customers in the mid-size and enterprise-level demographic.

Select Customers

Walmart, AT&T, Cott Beverages Inc., Reddy Ice, The Weather Channel, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, TXU Corporation, Dominion Enterprises, NASA, Yates Petroleum

About Apptricity Supply Chain Management

Apptricity Supply Chain ManagementApptricity Supply Chain Management is a software suite for automating supply chain operations across the breadth of an enterprise. Warehouse management, inventory management, asset tracking, and transportation management are just some of the aspects of supply chain that are within the bounds of the software’s capabilities. The program is specifically designed to provide the end-user with end-to-end logistical insights and grant them control over the elaborate supply cycles that characterize the operations of many contemporary industries.

About Apptricity
Founded in 1999, Apptricity began as a project to explore the direction of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology for use by large organizations. SOA for application development could leverage a customer’s existing IT environment for quick deployment and operation within weeks instead of months. Apptricity remains a customer service-oriented ERP and asset management company. Apptricity’s other offerings include Apptricity eProcurement and Apptricity Finance Management.

The company’s customers include Fortune 500 enterprises, many mid-sized organizations, and departments of the U.S. government. Each values the integrity of Apptricity’s applications and the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction. Apptricity is based out of Irving, Texas with offices in Washington D.C. and Orange County, California. The company is privately owned.

Apptricity Supply Chain Management Key Features

  • Tracks and reports ownership, depreciation, and service contract data
  • Graphic displays of assets in different geographies, buildings, or floors
  • Can acquire data via RFID, GPS, and barcode scans
  • Fixed asset management
  • Automated workflow
  • Warehouse automation (receiving, storage, fulfillment, yard management)
  • Uses business rules to control putaway and picking processes
  • Integrates with pre-deployed order and financial systems
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Automates cargo management for freight
  • Automates short pay, partial fulfillment, and credit
  • Permanent audit trail for transaction history


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