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ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Pricing starts at $495 per concurrent user.


Platform is available as both an on-premise and SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with mid-sized businesses and enterprises across multiple industries.

Select Customers

Advanced Micro Devices, Calgary Health Region, Calgary Board of Education, Hamilton County OH, Curtin University


About ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor

ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor is a facilities management software solution that uses a program console to work with leases, view facility data, plan building usage and spacing and handle all assets and services. Additionally, the platform allows users to handle bookings and reservations for hotels.

The software provides businesses with tools to import and export AutoCAD drawings and Excel, PDF and HTML files for drawings and database objects. Additionally, the platform allows companies to support seamless data exchange with a number of other ERP software solutions.

About the Company

ARCHIBUS Inc was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.


ARCHIBUS Facil-o-tor Key Features

  • Works with all assets and building services
  • Can take assessments of building conditions
  • Handles all customer inquiries and reservations
  • Seamlessly exports and imports AutoCad, HTML, Excel and PDF files
  • Can exchange data with a number of other ERP software solutions
  • Stores comprehensive profiles for each building


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