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Arkieva Supply Chain Software Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with medium-sized and enterprise companies in the fields of semiconductors, food, and chemicals.

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About Arkieva Supply Chain Software

Arkieva Supply Chain Software Arkieva Supply Chain Software is APS software that homes a product suite of seven programs handling a business’s scheduling and planning. The platform allows users to work with Demand Planner, Inventory Planner, Supply Planner, Replenishment Planner, S&OP Manager, Finite Scheduler and Available-to-Promise Engine.

The software provides businesses with tools to work with all of its products as configurable, collaborative, fully integrate, and Microsoft-based. Additionally, the platform allows companies to profitably plan demand, manage inventories, optimize supply, and schedule production.

About the Company

Arkieva was founded in 1993 and is headquarted in Wilmington, Delaware.


Arkieva Supply Chain Software Key Features

  • Food, chemical, and semiconductor ERP software suite
  • Demand Planner forecasts product demand and identifies lost sales and poor monetary decisions
  • Inventory Planner keeps your inventory levels slim
  • Supply Planner ensures successful production planning
  • Replenishment Planner aids in multi-echelon supply chain planning
  • S&OP Manager takes system data and reports it to sales, operations, and finance staff
  • Finite Scheduler handles production and distribution
  • Available-to-Promise Engine streamlines order fulfillment processes
  • All products are built within Microsoft technology


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