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– Axelor OoCRM Review

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Customer Focus

Axelor works with small and medium-sized companies in the fields of distribution, service, ecommerce, production, and agriculture.


Axelor OoCRM

- Axelor OoCRM Axelor OoCRM is free open source CRM that works with Outlook and Word to handle your customer interactions. The program synchronizes with these two products to create documents and handle lead information. Additionally, Axelor OoCRM manages opportunities, lead transformation, sales objectives, and customer calls.

About Axelor
Founded in 2007, France-based Axelor has been providing companies with open source software. Axelor’s product line includes ERP, CRM, and e-mail solutions.

Axelor OoCRM Features

  • Open source free CRM system that integrates with Word and Outlook
  • Handles lead information, customer calls, and lead conversion
  • Works with Outlook to keep your contact database information up to date
  • Integrates with Word to create documents
  • Can function independently or with OpenERP, Axelor’s main open source software product
  • Tracks sales objectives and provides your sales force with a shared diary

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