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– Benchmark Clinical EHR Review

Product Snapshot


Product is a SaaS solution that requires no hardware setup or installation.

Customer Focus

Benchmark works with hospitals, physicians and medical administrators from businesses of all sizes.

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About Benchmark Clinical EHR

- Benchmark Clinical EHRA fully-integrated medical software solution, Benchmark Clinical EHR allows medical providers the ability to see more patients, easily document interaction and take advantage of federal stimulus funds in compliance with the HITECH act. Through a browser based system, Benchmark Clinical EHR reduces the hassle found in installing unwieldy hardware and helps medical providers access data anywhere. Easy to use and fully customizable, Benchmark Clinical EHR allows medical providers to shape the software to fit their daily needs. With a simplified point and click touch-screen and voice and handwriting recognition, Benchmark Clinical EHR also delivers greater convenience to its users. Benchmark Clinical EHR also integrates PM, EHR and scheduling for further utility to medical providers.

About Benchmark Systems
Benchmark Systems has leveraged over thirty years of expertise and knowledge in order to create solutions that solve profitability and time-management issues for medical providers. Benchmark Systems works towards improving patient care by providing flexible technology and superior customer service. Having worked fifteen years on a specialized EDI Clearinghouse, Benchmark Systems provides its clients with important resources such as electronic claims and patient statement services. Dealing with over one hundred and twenty specialties and sub-specialties, Benchmark Systems produces specific and detailed solutions. Through its diverse range of products and integrated solutions, Benchmark Systems has recently achieved the one billion dollar mark in claims. Benchmark Systems is a CCHIT certified member.

Benchmark Clinical EHR Key Features

  • One-click chart access
  • Improved decision making
  • Reduced medical errors
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Leveraged federal stimulus funds
  • Low costs
  • Customizable templates
  • Patient-friendly interface
  • Voice and hand recognition

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