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– Bidmanagement GmbH Adspert Review

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From 100 € per month


Bidmanagement GmbH Adspert is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Adspert works with medium-sized businesses

Case Studies, Ay Yildiz Communications, X-Cart, Edinger Shops, Zankyou, Blogmeter

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About Bidmanagement GmbH Adspert

- Bidmanagement GmbH Adspert Adspert is on a mission to provide a smart, automatic and simple bid management tool to everyone advertising on Google AdWords or Yandex.Direct. Adspert completely optimizes Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct campaigns automatically, reduces costs of unprofitable keywords, increases advertising goals and gets at least 20% more performance out of SEA budgets. Adspert is comfortable to operate with just a few clicks through the intuitive user interface. All you need is an active Google AdWords account and Google Conversion Tracking, or a Yandex.Direct account using Yandex Metrika Tracking. Concentrate on your business and allow Adspert to work for you: Adspert analyzes and optimizes current SEA campaigns, places bids, makes predictions, utilizes seasonalities and, if desired, finds new keywords and placements – fully automatically. Adspert starts with little preparation: In just two minutes this powerful bid management tool automatically optimizes SEA campaigns completely. A fast connection and the easy-to-use controls make Adspert extremely user-friendly.

About Bidmanagement
From the beginning, Adspert have concentrated on making campaign optimization as easy and convenient as possible by utilizing fully automated software. That way Adspert can combine great convenience and high performance in one product. Adspert boast more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector: By applying pinpoint accurate forecasting using Adsperts statistical trading systems (that Adsperts staff have developed) to the market of online advertising is Adspert able to get maximum performance out of any budget.

This impresses Adsperts customers: Well known companies and prestigious digital agencies use Adspert as a bid management tool.

Bidmanagement GmbH Adspert Key Features

    • Ready to go in two minutes
    • Takes seasonality into account
    • Search, display, product listing ads and mobile optimization
    • Targeted budget list
    • Long tail optimization

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