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Blue Jeans Review

Product Snapshot


Blue Jeans is a cloud-based solution, making it infinitely scalable and accessible from anywhere.

Customer Focus

Blue Jeans Network works with businesses of any size and industry.

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Customer Case Studies

Facebook, The Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania

About Blue Jeans

Blue JeansBlue Jeans is a cloud-based video collaboration tool that removes the hassle of on-premise web conferencing solutions by eliminating the need for complicated infrastructures and configurations. What sets Blue Jeans apart is its unified approach to video conferencing, ensuring that their web interface just works, no matter what device or operating system each individual attendee is using. Along with web conferencing, this solution provides multi-party meetings, rich content sharing and multi-vendor interoperability.

About Blue Jeans Network
Founded in 2009, Blue Jeans Network has made it its mission to deliver an easier video communication solution to businesses everywhere. Blue Jeans Network has built its cloud-based conferencing service entirely from the ground up, thus helping people and businesses connect anytime, anyplace, from any device.

Blue JeansKey Features

  • Single Sign On (SSO) Support
  • Instant or Future Meeting Scheduling
  • Outlook Add-on
  • Supports a Wide Range of Video Solutions
  • Invite up to 25 Attendees
  • Unlimited Video and Audio Minutes
  • Multi-point Video Conferencing

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